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Iain Maloney’s Book Launch: In The Shadow of Piper Alpha

We are pleased to welcome back author and journalist Dr. Iain Maloney for a book launch on his latest work: …
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Eric Gondree’s Discussion and Teaching Activity on Historical Thinking

Author and teacher Eric Gondree will conduct a discussion and teaching activity on June 12th at Imaike Library Club. The …
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Shawn Mahler’s Roundtable Discussion: Chizawa Bay

Writer, director and producer Shawn Mahler will lead an informal discussion about his debut novel Chizawa Bay at Imaike Library …
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Iain Maloney’s novella “life is elsewhere/burn your flags”

On October 3rd the Imaike Library Club hosted the book launch of Iain Maloney’s excellent novella life is elsewhere/burn your …
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