Iain Maloney’s novella “life is elsewhere/burn your flags”

On October 3rd the Imaike Library Club hosted the book launch of Iain Maloney’s excellent novella life is elsewhere/burn your flags. Being the first event straight after the state of emergency was lifted, we were reasonably apprehensive, but I am relieved to say the event was a success. Iain was a charming, fun reader drawing a lot from the lighter moments in the book that drew laughter from the Imaike Library Club members who turned up and supported the event. An excellent Q and A session occurred after the reading with thought-provoking questions and responses from audience and author alike. Much coffee was quaffed, many books were sold, and people conversed after with relief that Nagoya felt somewhat normal again.  With this in mind, we would like to share a couple of photos below of the books and excellent guest and encourage you all to keep an eye on Imaike Library Club in the future as we are hoping to host many more and different kinds of events from hereon.

Have a fantastic Winter.