Construction Update (Week 7)

This week consisted mostly of drywall, putty, and wallpaper, but also holes in ceiling were cut for the lighting and a nifty little storage area for the toilet was crafted out of some of the book-shelving space which would have otherwise gone to waste. I’d like to first talk about this storage area, and point out two things. The first is that with the limited space we have, it was very important that we maximize the space to the fullest extent possible, and I think this illustrates that point quite well. The second is that it amazes me that all the construction workers were completely on board with this idea, that is, we didn’t have to convince anyone that the space is precious. It seemed to be a common assumption for everyone, which made this little improvised project go smoothly. The first picture below on the left shows where the shelves meet in the corner. There is a substantial space (relatively speaking) which would not be suitable for shelving books, and it was suggested by the builders that it should be covered up. My mother-in-law saw this and came up with the brilliant idea of punching through the other side (where the toilet is) and using the space for storage there. After this was agreed upon, the work began. The next two pictures show them cutting through with laser precision, and the last two pictures show the final result. I think it worked out fabulously.

The remaining drywall was installed throughout much of this week, and then two layers of putty were applied and sanded. The first layer looked like a standard white cement wall putty, and the second layer I believe was an acrylic variety.

Just before all the putty business got going, holes where cut in the ceiling for the lighting. We thought about the lighting quite a bit a few months ago and decided on having several circuits arranged in series with about five lights each. It should be plenty bright when all is said and done.

This week ended with a bit of wallpapering in the toilet/restroom. We decided to have white walls which have a small brick-like patterning (which may not be visible in the pictures below), and a deep navy blue on the ceiling. The blue ceiling can either represent the sky, or alternatively, taken as a whole, the coloring has a sailor feel to it and was inspired by Google searches such as this.

Next week is the final week of scheduled construction, but I’m sure it will extend a bit beyond that as there is still much to do. The outside area has yet to be touched, and that alone will probably take the better part of a week. Regardless, it is starting to take shape and it’s very exciting to think that it will be ready very soon!