Construction Update (Week 3)

Week 3 was initially scheduled to have four days of contruction, but has been since narrowed down to two due to the timing of being able to get materials during the coronavirus pandemic. Notwithstanding this setback, the construction saw some good progress. Week 3 (see here for weeks 1 & 2) began with the installation of the plank subflooring. Conifer plywood (針葉樹合板) (25 boards x 2,250円 = 56,250円) was used.

The last day of construction this week consisted of starting to build the framing for the toilet/restroom, and installing the anchor bolts for the suspended ceiling. These anchor bolts are for fastening the suspended ceiling to the cement structure. The electrician will come next Monday to do all the electrical work, so this simple framing and ceiling structure was needed so that he would have something upon which to anchor the electrical wiring.