Not just a library!

- The 4 key differences -

We are here for the Nagoya community.

Not just a library - What does this mean?

1. This library is designed so everyone has input.

  • You can access the library any time you want (your own passcode to unlock the door). i.e., there are no 9:00-17:00 Mon. – Fri. “library hours”.
  • No permanent staff – YOU DON’T NEED PERMISSION!
  • The members (i.e., YOU) are the staff (everyone is responsible for taking care of the space)

2. It is built on trust.

  • No entrance scanners/anti-theft alarms or RF (or RFID) tags. Simply use your smartphone / computer (or our in-house iPad) to check out your own books.
  • Fees for the space are collected by dropping in coins into a jar.
  • No “one person ruins it for everyone” mentality. We have very few rules and policies, and will only add them with everyone’s consent.

3. This is a no “shh…” zone…

  • Pull up a chair and make some coffee! Coffee makings available (and tea). Donations welcome!
  • Enjoy the company of others/make a study group/make a book club/hold a workshop/seminar/play board games! Others?
  • Kid’s reading area – mini-tree house over a thousand children’s books, seating cushions, toys for infants/toddlers, etc.

4. These books have no label.

  • No obvious “library book markings” – bar codes, “property of” stickers. Instead a simple “Imaike Library Club” bookmark to accompany each book.
  •  We are relaxed about extending check-out time, number of books you can check out, no late fees.
  • We’d like these books to feel like your own. You can write in them if it helps you, if you think it would add value to the book, or or even enjoy it more.